About the Book U-particle Physics

This book is about how thing work . The book explains in every day language how the universe is put together. U-particle Physics offers understandable, uncomplicated, explanations with lots of illustrations and graphics, and very little use of formulas and math, of how things really work, to name a few, gravity, anti gravity, magnets, undiscovered third kind of nuclear energy, black holes, global warming, geothermic energy, perpetual motion, and problems with the theory of relativity. After explaining the basic structure of atoms in the universe, we use this knowledge to show how and why a electron moves in a wire, how Tesla coils work, how magnets work, how capacitors work, how light moves through space, what is black mater, why black holes are really black stars, why space ships can travel faster then the speed of light, how airplanes really fly. Once the reader comprehends the power of u-particle physics and the knowledge put forth in this U-particle Physics book we encourage him to use it to solve and explain his own unsolved mystery of the universe.

Book contains about 30 thousand words

About the author; Frank Naypaver, teaches robotics in two high schools in northeastern Ohio a retired, Ohio Certified Tool and Die, Mold Maker Engineer Delphi Auto Motive Corp, graduate Leavitt burg HS 1965, Junior in Electrical Engineering YSU, Electronics Computer Technician USAF, Vietnam Vet , Master Mechanic on OMC and Mercury marine engines, Water Ski Instructor, Water Safety Instructor, Climbing and Repelling Instructor, Patent Draftsman, holds three US Patents, President of Youngstown Warren Inventors Association, God & Country Eagle Scout BSA, web page 3dvirtualmall .com