Patented Rotary walker built by Chaney High School Students for the 2005 Stacking Triangles Challenge

 Robot competed in Cleveland 2005, Made it to the finials was in the top 8 out of 52 teams, was featured in Cleveland Plane Dealer robotics article, team was visited by Cathy Sullivan, astronaught first women to walk in space.


           Robots like this can be built and used in police, fire, military, commercial, and home security systems and with the cell phone control it can be operated from anywhere in the country to check on the security of a house or business, elderly parents , or children.

Powered by one 12V battery, motors are from lift jacks for trailer leveling, 54 to 1 chain drive gear reduction, arms use pyro. to gear motor sets which are strong enough to lift 40 lbs at 8ft distance, cell phone and radio controlled, supplied by US FIRST

Built at Harding High School and Choffin by Chaney High School Students, Tech assistance by Gorge Lazar, Rich Willmitch, and Frank Naypaver