The inventors club has informally held meeting, where a group of people with unique ideas and contraptions get together once a month to support and inform themselves on ways to protect, promote, and improve, their intellectual property. We are a nonprofit organization that helps inventors to promote and profit from their ideas through the sharing of common knowledge and exposure to lectures from knowledgeable people in different fields that will help us accomplish these goals. Meetings are held on the 2 ND wed of each mouth at 7:00 at the Liberty Township Building ; Get to exit Rt 193 off I-80, head North to Church Hill Rd. Turn east, go 1 mile to Township Hall on right side of road. Ideas and contraptions are welcome.

General wisdom : If your idea is published on TV, magazine or news, you manufacture and sale your idea in public, you have one year from then to file for a provisional patent or formal patent, or your idea will go public. If your asked to pay money up front to sell your idea, then be carful. If your given money up front to sell your idea then be quick.

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                  Read about new bad patent rule change ---------- FIRST TO PATENT



UTILITY PATENT Best protection hard to get around good for 20yr cost 5000 to 7000 dollars depending on claims, you can do it your self but knowledgeable lawyers will use proven methods to give you greater protection

DESIGN PATENT not much protection but if you cannot get a utility patent you can get and design patent cost around 3000 dollars is only good for your design, patent a square box and a round box is different, this patent is only good for 14 yrs. .

PLANT PATENT use this patent to patent living things like new strains of plants

PROVISIONAL PATENT this is not really a patent but is handy if you need to deal with manufactures or licencing a idea or product, this is the cheapest way to go pay 80 dollars and send in a general description of your idea to the US patent office and in a week or so your patent pending and ready to deal with that company as patent pending the catch is you have one year of patent pending protection, then you must apply for a patent or your idea goes public.www.uspto.gov down load provisional patent forms


If you get a big money idea, before you spend lots of money building it or lose sleep over some one stealing it go to( www.uspto.gov )and do a free self patent search on your idea see if someone has already been there and done that you can search by common words and track down ideas similar to yours if you find a patent similar to yours check the patent history for this patent on the first page these are patents that the inventor used to support his patent usually this will give you a fair idea as to weather your idea is different enough to patent you will want to print similar patent ideas so if you decide to patent through a lawyer, he can see them. And just looking and reading patents can be educational as to how the system works www.uspto.gov

Other ways to protect hour ideas

There are other ways to protect your ideas through copyrights, trade secrets, disclosure contract, and trademarks

COPYRIGHTS Are free just write copy write on any written medium and the date and it is copy written and is free until you sue someone for infringement then you have to pay a lawyer to formally register your intellectual property and go on to sue the parties involved, copyrights are good for your life time and 70 years so Elvis records are copyrighted

TRADE SECRETS This is free all you half to do is keep your idea a secret and use a non disclosure document to keep other people from telling. This is good till some one tells.

DISCLOSURE CONTRACT Use this to make sure companies that make parts for you, or you are showing your idea to for sale or licensing with, can not use it with out your consent. These are good for ever and one version can be down loaded for free from this site.


TRADEMARKS This can be used to protect a idea if the name you chose is a good match to your idea like HULA HOOPS ARE US INC. A trade mark cost about 800 dollars is good for ever and you can check the patent office on the web to see if your special name is not already trade marked you can reserve a trademark anytime but to get awarded a trade mark you half to sell one of your items through a store front preferably out of state and have a recite to prove it.www.uspto.gov to check trademarks