Argument Against First To Patent Rule change In The US Patent Office

      My name is Frank Naypaver , Youngstown Warren Inventors Club, President; I am writing this letter on behalf of our club, and all other Inventors every where, with the objective of presenting reasons why not to adopt the first to register patent rule, which would change the current practice of awarding patent rights to the first to invent; to first to register with the Patent Office .

      The US Patent Office is not just an idea license issuing branch of the US Government; it’s greater function is to maintain a historic library of who invented what, decide and issue credit to the original inventor of an Idea. This has been what I believe is the US Patent Offices most important function since it’s existence. In 1790 the US Patent Office started keeping records of the original inventors of things that make our lives better like the steam engine, cotton gin, hay bailer , plow, and everything else up to now. Historians, school kids and everyday citizens use these records as reference to who really did what. If the first to register an invention was in effect back in 1790 then the registered inventor of the steam engine would have been the CEO of the R&R Railroad; RCA corporation CEO would ‘ve of been credited with the invention of the phonograph not Edison. The acquired rights of a patent only last 20 years, then any one can use the idea, but the record of who the originator of the idea should go on in the patent office forever. Most of the time inventors inventions are ahead of their time and do not catch on right away, or the new inventions importance is not realized even in the inventors life time. We can still reference the US patent office records for details, research, and insight of the original inventor.

      In conclusion the first to register patent rule would take away one of the most important primary reasons the patent office has. They are record keepers of the history of human development, and of those individuals who contributed to it . The first to register patent rule will hurt the private inventor who in licencing his idea with a large company would be in jeopardy of the company lawyers or officers putting their names on his invention.


Respectively Frank Naypaver

President Youngstown Warren Inventors Association


Feel free to distribute this letter to your senate and congress men and US Patent Office.