and his representatives (Inventor) will disclose full financial and marketing information relating to one of the Inventors' articles of manufacture know as the . To the representatives of Co.

I understand and agree personally and on behalf of the Manufacturer, that disclosure of information will be made in confidence and that:

1. Information will remain the confidential property of Inventor.

2. Information will be kept and held in strict confidence.

3. Information will not be disclosed to any other person (s) other then those authorized by this agreement without the prior written consent of Inventor.

4. The Inventor and Manufacturer agree and understand that this contract in no way obligates the Manufacture to manufacture, market, sell or use the article of manufacture.

5.If the manufacturer, upon review of the information package decides to "pursue" the manufacture, market, or sale of the article of manufacture or chooses any other method of profiting from the information or article of manufacture disclosed, the Manufacture and Inventor will, prior to the Manufactures' "pursuit", enter a second contract where by the Inventor and/or his representative and Manufacturer will agree upon and equitable manner of compensation for the Inventor.

6. The Manufacturer will not manufacture, market, sell or disclose the information or article of manufacture nor profit from the information or article of manufacture, until a second signed contract (note 5) is entered.

Signature of Manufactures' Representative Date

Title of Manufacturers' Representative

Disclosure agreement is between Co.

Whose address is

and Inventor , sole proprietor (Inventor),

whose address is, .

Signature of Inventor Date