This is the first cell phone controlled rotary walking robot,

 it can be controlled remotely from any where in the world

                                                                                    Patent and copy-write applied for.

       If you dial the robots inexpensive controlling cell phone number the robots phone will anser after 3 rings then respond to the callers phone when one of these buttons are pushed .



                                     2= forward


            4= left              5= stop            6= right

                                    8= back up

The cell phone control cupeled with video and the rotary walker finally gives a human operator the mobility and unlimited control making future robots practical to have in homes and commercial enterprises as security and surveillance devices, which can be remote controlled to move from room to room up steps and with a arm can move thing. An example would be a business owner could call his robot from home or on vacation far away and check on thing at the shop. Police could set larger cell surveillance robots at hot spots around town and dial them up when needed to move and record what is going on there.


Baby bot cell phone controlled robot was built by Chaney High School student Mike Willmitch, technical assistants from Rick Willmitch and Frank Naypaver.